Perfect for the winter! Fruity yet reminds you of holiday gatherings.
$ 1.75

Cranberry Ginger
A refreshing winter tart but is also great for summer too! This is one of my favorites...but aren't they all! I always have this one going in my living room and everyone has commmented on how good it smells.
$ 1.75

Clementine Clove
Fresh clementines with ground cloves.
$ 1.75

Clove Buds
Strong fresh ground cloves fill the air with the spices of winter!
$ 1.75

sleigh ride
Christmas Scent: A wonderful blend of pine, apples and cinnamon, bayberry, holly, and a hint of vanilla. I don't smell the pine in it very much, more of the fruit. Nice fresh scent for any time of the year. Strong!
$ 1.75

winter wonderland
This is one of my favorite winter scents. It has just enough of the fresh pine along with a nice vanilla to smooth it out. Love this one!
$ 1.75

Fireside Embers
Do you have a gas fireplace but want the smell of those warm cozy fires on a chilly winters night? This is it! Didn't think I would like this one, but I love to burn it while our fireplace is going. It has a hint of musk....the guys love this one!
$ 1.75

Log Cabin
Imagine sitting by the fireplace in a log cabin lodge and the snow is falling outside. The aroma of a lit fire combined with a hint of cedar and pine. You will want to sip on some hot cocoa and get cozied under a warm blanket by the fire.
$ 1.75

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